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.m. today same hours through monday. they have a grievance the habit hood assistance corporation of america putting this on. they have a grievance with bank -- they have agreements to lower interest rates if they had adjustable that ballooned extraordinarily or if there was a predatory loan for example a no interest lone they will be here today, they are offering loans to people who are looking to buy a house, people already have a house, one of those people looking for assistance the first person in line today is he will hand degree lawrence he lives -- is you are fully employed you've got a house like many houses went down in value over the years. you have been at these events before. what was the difficulty before? >> my mortgage has become less affordable since the second time i came. the first time i wasn't able to go through the whole process. since then, i feel that since my mortgage is less afford , i think they can help me. >> reporter: you have about a 5% plus loan now. what are you looking to get? >> i'm hoping to get around what the rates are going for around threes, which will
it is a first for them, investigator with the motion picture association of america made a citizen's arrest in a theater of a man accused of trying to bootleg a movie it happened last saturday. the 39-year-old is accused of using a camcorder on a tri-pod to record the movie inside the theater, he will be charged with video piracy. >>> native american historical society will take possession of bones discovered at a peninsula construction site. two skulls and other fragments were found yesterday afternoon in menlo park at a commercial site construction was halted. coroner's office determined the remains were native american who died a long time ago there is a native american burial site near that location. >>> palo alto police credit house cleaner with breaking up a burglary and car theft, ending in arrest. police are holding a 20-year-old for burglary and attempted car theft. the house cleaner caught the suspect rummaging through the home monday afternoon. she called the homeowner who rushed home and found the man then trying to steal his car. police arrested morales who allegedly burglarize
of america the best is yet to come. >> reporter: florida is still too close to call. even if romney won the state, obama still handily beats him in the electoral college vote. the popular vote will likely be closer. >> the president: whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. and you've made me a better president. >> reporter: obama beat mitt romney after nabbing almost every one of the 12 crucial battleground states. around 1 a.m. eastern romney spoke in boston to let them know he made a concession call to the president. >> i just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor said it was time to put aside partisan bickering and work together for the good of the country. >> this is a time of great challenges for america and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> reporter: the number reelected president the night in -- the newly reelected president spent the night in chicago. the first family ret
of america on november 7th. police say he handed the teller a note saying he was armed and demanded money he got $1700 in cash. authorities used fingerprints on the note and surveillance video to identify him. >>> boy facing charges as adult in connection with brutal kidnapping of an elderly woman. he will return to court for arraignment later this morning in vallejo. the 65-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint, while walking to her minivan on november 15th. the 14-year-old of vallejo is accused in the case which includes sexual assault, attempted murder and other charges. the victim was found duct taped near i-80 in vallejo. passers-by noticed her, rendered assistance and called . detectives located the suspect who returned to the parking lot driving the victim's minivan >> did you see how clear those freeway shots were? >> weren't taken this morning. >> absolutely not. looks more like that now. >>> reduced since we talked last down to 1/8 of a mile at sfo, dense fog advisory north bay, 101 corridor, east bay, fog really thick, you will be driving along and all of a sudden you can see,
. >> first this morning's america's money report. >>> federal judge is ordering the tobacco companies to say publicly they lied about the dangers of smoking they must also take out ads that say smoke something responsible for 1200 deaths a day. congressional watchdogs say it is time to dumb the dollar bill. the government -- to dump the dollar bill the government says the u.s. could save each year by switching to coins public prefers paper money if you are the winner of the huge power ball tonight experts say take the money and run. whatever happens with the fiscal cliff taxes on the very >>> good morning. winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour at our coast, wind advisory throughout the entire bay area -- [ inaudible ] wind warning at our coast we could see winds there in excess of 60 miles an hour through 11:00 this morning. >>> we'll continue to keep an eye on those winds. residents on the peninsula will be keeping an eye on a slipping hill slide where a mudslide happened earlier this month. a water main break caused this mess along several streets in daly city november 13th crews hav
stevens. good morning america will have for at 7:00 a.m. >> two residents have died from eating poison mushrooms. too others are in the hospital. in tuesday a care giver picked wild mushrooms growing at the home and cooked them as a treat. the mushrooms turn out to be poisonous. an elderly woman died yesterday morning and a second person died last night. they are investigating but sheriff's deputies say it appears to have been a tragic mistake. >> a third person connected to the vandalism and areasism of a san francisco muni bus is under arrest this morning. 24-year-old adam diaz of oakland was taken into custody yesterday ask charged with felony vandalism following the giants world series win. police tell us diaz is a man in this pictures, swinging a skateboard against the bus windows. officers are still looking for this man, who smashed the bus with a metal barricade. >>> people continue to show their support of a local chp officer killed in the lean ever duty. about 100 people dahl tick for a fundraiser last night to monitor highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. he was shot duri
. the contractor needs more time for inspections and testing. >>> baseball write areas association of america will announce -- the giants' manager bochy took his team to a second world series win in three seasons, elevating to one of the top managers and melvin in the running for american league top manager. took unknown players and got them into the league championship series. >> who else could get it other than bochy? >> the voting takes place the end of the season not the regular season not the end of everything. right now you have to sabo for sure. -- you have to say bochy for sure. >>> 5:07. [ unintelligible ] >>> more like football weather, good morning 5:08, here's live doppler, no clouds out there, over top of us except high clouds over top of the radar, no radar returns off to a dry start, air mass has modified as we talked about it would with yesterday's?> warmer temperatures this morning warmer temperatures only mid to upper 70sñvr0 fairfield and napa, close around concord and livermore 40 los gatos may dip into the 30s briefly frost not out there like it has been 52 san francisc
morning america" at 7:00. it is now down to the women, shawn johnson, kelley monaco and melissa rycroft. first time the final three are women. >> some of us can remember when wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a game in morning, college basketball, his name is jack taylor from iowa, last night he scored 138 points, he took 108 shots from the field, making 52, dropped in 27 three-pointers shattered the old ncaa scoring mark of 113 points 1954 it is a division three school. they won 179-104. taylor credited his teammates. he says his mom, dad and girlfriend saw the game. he said the coach told him to take the shots. >> and he did. amazing. >>> 5:27. next, workers going back to work at the port of oakland the impact of the short strike could last for days. >>> search for a missing man comes to a interest end. how he ended up in a water filled quarry. >>> if you are traveling today, 50s and 60s from the rockies into new england, 40s around seattle 47 there, 50 portland, 80s phoenix, 70s gulf coast into florida. couple areas of concern, mainly chicago, fog there, delays through chicago or
's this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. no gaslines from the headlines despite this week's problems in the mideast prices should continue heading down most oil prices are where they were before the current flare-up began. u.s. drivers have less interest in buying hyundai and kia since the two admitted fudging mileage numbers. the two companies made fuel efficiency a major selling point. more and more shoppers are going online because they get better customer service. more than 40% report problems getting questions answered in the store. those surveyed say price is still the top factor. those door buster deals offered today may not be the best. many of this year's specials were available at lower prices earlier this year. >>> good morning. [ inaudible ] >>> a baby who was feared dead inside his mother's womb is being called a thanksgiving miracle this is know what guzman, born -- noah guzman born at 3:12 a.m. not alive when his mom and dad arrived in an ambulance his mom was suffering severe complications when she went into labor doctors noticed the baby gasped s
started, no matter what, you can make it in america! >> the monthly jobs report released yesterday showed an increase of 170,000 jobs in october, but the unemployment rate went up to 7 .9%. analysts say it's unlikely to affect tuesday's outcome. >>> one of the most talked-about issues on the ballot next tuesday is proposition 30, the tax measure gov brown is pushing. supporters say it will help california schools. nannette miranda has both sides of the debate. >> save our schools! save our schools! >> all the talk about proposition 30, gov brown's tax measure, centers around public school funding. but they are worried about the other part of prop 30, a constitutional amendment that guarantees state funding for realignment. the prison inmate shift where counties must now house thousands of low-level inmates who used to be to state prison. if it fails, counties are asking how will they be able to afford this expense? >> if the money goes away, it will have a dramatic impact on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program to pay for another. constituti
from the cia was the right thing to do. he talked to "good morning america" about what he thought about the affair. >> i don't think she wove a web around dave and dragged him in i don't think that at all. i think it was mutual that he wasn't looking for it, it happened women >> petraeus talked about -- shelton talked about petraeus' wife holly saying he's fortunate to be married to such a forgiving woman. earlier he blamed broadwell for the affair and said his friend was the innocent one. >>> medical center in castro valley gearing up for big move this saturday, rain or shine doctors will transfer 65 patients from the old hospital to the new one. officials have built a covered walkway between the facilities in case of rain. the 320 million dollar hospital was built to meet california's seismic safety law. >>> filmmaker george lucas is moving forward with a plan that will bring a new park. donating vacant building downtown san anselmo. he has filed for a permit to demolish the building and make way for the new park, it will include bronze statues of indiana jones and yoda. expect today
. customers can give to the red cross or feeding america. donations of $50 to $90 nine will earn 250 miles and a gift of $100 or more will get you 500 bonus miles. we posted the information on >>> californians are more likely to carpool and use public transportation than anyone else in the country. more than 11% of commuters here carpool. compared to less than 1% across the rest of the country. more than 5% of californians use public transportation, slightly higher than the national average. our commute is three minutes longer than the national average. >>> east bay officials celebrating opening of new neighborhood they say will be a model for the future. the district is located in union city, 800 housing units, park flanked by sculptures and large playground with retail shops to be added later located near a bart station that will connect to other commuter trains. construction began five years ago on the site of a former pg&e yard and steel mill, 20 million dollars in ed to clean toxin -- to clear toxin from the site. >>> the hollywood reporter says george lucas will give bu
or two parties it is a choice between two visions for america. >> better days ahead is not based on promises or rhetoric u andaç3ú proven results and unshake able faith of the american spirit. -- >> reporter: both candidates start today in columbus, ohio the stay has chosen the winner in the -- state has chosen the winner in the last 12 presidential elections. the running mates are running around as well, ryan in nevada this morning he campaigned in five states yesterday, vice president biden was in ohio yesterday, saying he thinks president obama has the clear win. >>> we'll be working around the clock to bring you up to the minute results tomorrow, 3 p.m. special edition of abc7 news live reports from the obama and romney campaign headquarters. 3:30, world news, followed by live election coverage from abc news at 4 p.m.. 8:00 more bay area results from abc7 news after the polls close followed by abc news returns with primetime election coverage at 8:30. you can get up to the minute election results on >>> it has been a difficult weekend for many early voters in
candidates, next. >> >> now at 6:00, it is election day in america, voters get ready to choose the next president. from here in the bay area to chicago and boston, we have complete election day team coverage.
graduated. >>> tomorrow morning oracle's america's cup team has competition they've transformed their eight million dollar catamaran wrecked last month, into a plane. it will be launched or plunged in the 10th annual red bull -- 33 teams will launch flying devices in the bay from a 30 foot platform the team hopes it will help them move on from last month's accident. replacement boat won't be available until february. the event starts at 11:00 this morning. >> they turned night a plane, crazy engineering. >> we'll see if the plane flies. >>> speaking of flights, in could be delays with the weather. >> i think it is clearing quick enough we may not have delays at sfo. 5:18. good morning. we'll keep an eye on it you can with our flight tracker at at the bottom, check out how clear the air is, air mass from alaska, canada, almost the arctic circle you can see how easy it is to see from mount tamalpais, sausalito, tiburon, alcatraz, bay bridge you can see the san mateo bridge in morning. -- bridge this morning. no spare the airs, no pollution, just a few showers in our outskirts int
area science students. >> first here's this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: pilots are about to retire others are taking jobs with foreign airlines that pay better, new rules next summer will make it more difficult to here replacements. veterans say greatest challenge is finding a job military skills often don't translate well into civilian jobs. president obama promised to improve the jobs' picture for veterans. skyfall earned 88 million dollars, biggest of any of the 23 bond >>> welcome back. embarcadero ferry building, bay bridge part of looks like a nice start to the morning chilly once again by the afternoon warmer weather on the way we'll need the umbrellas towards the end of the week. >>> 5:15. new video out of myanmar this morning shows panicked shoppers rushing out of stores during a powerful quake. this is a shopping district where everyone survived the 6.8 quake yesterday. in other parts of the country as many as a dozen people died when a bridge and a gold mine collapsed. historic buddhist gazas also toppled. -- pagodas also toppled. >>> fire broke out n
of america bank in the richmond district earlier this month. he gave a note a teller saying he was armed and got away with $700 in cash. he never did show the weapon. he faces robbery charges of robbery and burglary. >>> the military for israel said they responded to attacks launched by hamas. the targets are linked to top supply tunnels and the massive police come bound in gaza. home of a hamas ledder was hit. he was not home at the time. militants have unleashed some 500 rockets against israel, including new longer-range rockets that have hit tel aviv and jerusalem. there will be more coming up at 7:00. >> the attacks triggered a protest in san francisco yesterday. the pro palestinian demonstrators want to see an end. but the israeli supporters said their nation is acting in self-defense. >> and a train collided with a school bus carrying kindergartners killing at least 47. it occurred as the bus crossed the track. others are still missing. officials say it appears the railroad crossing was not closed as the train sped toward it. egypt's train has a poor safety record. >>> and also, po
conflict. those are the headlines. good morning america will have more coverage from the middle east coming up at 7:00. [chanting] >> some of the anger over the bombing in gaza is on display in san francisco. a pro palestinian anti-israeli crowd rallied in front of the israeli consulate last night. you see them there marching down market street. we then to union chair, while you are shopping bombs are dropping. rally was peaceful. more demonstrations are expected today and tomorrow. >>> some local families are working to find a common solution. abc7 news reporter shows how bay area jews and palestinians are getting together to work toward peace. >> escalating violence in gaza has prevented her from getting any rest in the last few days. >> if i was there, i would be sleeping just living normally because i'm not feeling the guilt of being away from what they are going through there. >> she's been constantly connect today her palestinian friends and family in gaza through twitter updates and facebook posts. but it's her jewish friends here in the bay area she's turning to for support. >> this
charged. he's been in the wind. coming up on "good morning america" more on his one-on-one interview. >>> 5:07. taste arrested at oakland airport for carrying what looked -- like bomb materials will not face charges tsa stopped him he said he has made several of these pieces d.a.'s office decided not to file charges after learning about the art pieces. mcgann says he was surprised by his arrest. >> business as usual, traveling back to l.a. i had one and put it in bin and tsa gentleman stopped it and that was fine. next thing i'm in handcuffs and detained and bomb squad. >> mcgann is a part time instructor in san francisco. >>> state officials are asking for more time to reduce prison overcrowding the state is asking a federal court for a six month extension on an order to lower california's inmate population by 34,000 over two years. the deadline is next june. the state has been sending low level felons to county jail but says it won't be able to meet that requirement without releasing some prisoners early that could pose a danger to the community. >>> san francisco board of supervis
defending our freedom, to look our children in the eye and tell them here in america, no dream is too big if they are willing to work for it. >> the president said the nation stands with those who are less fortunate including residents in the northeast suffering from superstorm sandy. >>> bay area wal-mart workers plan to walk off the job starting 10:00 tonight in support of a nationwide strike. upset wal-mart is opening 8:00 tonight for black friday they accuse the company of retailing for speaking out against the early opening. organizers want to alert shoppers about what they call unfair work conditions. the job action should have little impact on shoppers. >> dozens are waiting in line to snag some of the black friday deals this is video we just shot outside the best buy at san jose's santana row shopping center. they are ready, some have been there for days. certainly not letting this morning's cold stop them. they could comfortable. coming up, michael finney will have some of the best deals to look for. >>> new and bizarre, berkeley police need your help catching a serial cigarette
-foot tree. >>> california's great america in santa clara the second annual global winner wonderland is underway. lights, lanterns and lasers highlight the display. they also have face painters, jugglers, fire dancers and fire eaters. >>> coming up, why they are planning to resume the remains of yasser arafat in a few days. and larry hagman who played on "dallas" has died. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> veteran actor and '80s icon larry hagman has died. he's best known as the oilman on "dallas." he appeared from 1978 to 1991. earlier this year he revived his jr role in a reboot of the role on cable. costars patrick duffy
's proposed policy changes. >>> first, here's this morning's america's money report. >>> good morning. the biggest online shopping day in history numbers are still counted, it appears online shopping on cyber monday was up more than 28% from a year ago. white house and congressional negotiators will consider doing away with mortgage interest deduction or limit it as they try to reduce budget deficit, housing industry is expected to fight back. finally the -- [ inaudible ] you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >>> good tuesday morning. cloudy skies downtown, 53° in the city, embarcadero looking dry today, maybe a few sprinkles along the
that children could ingest than would be harmful to their development. >> coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, the red flags, what parents need to know. >>> this morning the operators of two smoke shops in the east bay are facing charges for selling illegal synthetic drugs. uncover officers in fremont say they bought spice with bath salts in a two week sting operation. the owner and the manager have been charged in connection with the sale. the illegal drugs have a street value of more than $25,000. >>> stormy weather complicating efforts to repair runway lights in burbank county, two have been out since wednesday night. half a dozen flights from bay area to burbank were delayed last night jetblue, alaska, southwest and united all cancelled flights. >>> 5:17. mike has been checking live doppler 7 hd we see where the rain is. >> pretty much everywhere. embarcadero where we've had rainfall of quarter inch an hour since i've been here 3:00 this morning, you can see why it looks a little riverish, if not a little like a stream rain is rolling through, winds, here's one of our stronger st
life and private reckoning. abc news, new york. >>> and good morning america will have more on the affair at 7:00 this morning. >>> a dinner in san francisco last knit raised money for lung cancer research, and there was definitely some abc7 flavor. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings was the mc of the event at the fairmont hotel. apen december participated in a silent automatic, eight great food and danced the night away. the proceeds from the auction will go to the bonnie lung cancer foundation. >>> our weather, quite terrific news to skiers and others who just enjoy the snow. the lake tahoe area has received over two feet of snow since thursday. the cold weather is also allowing resorts to crank up the snow making machines just in time for the holiday weekend and for thanksgiving. it's going to continue that way, ms. argen? >> it's definitely chilly out there. i don't know if you heard, we have a frost advisory in the north bay valleys. still a very cold start not only in the north bay but also in the east bay where numbers ever dropping below freezing and we will talk about
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24